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Allows one-handed use

GHOOK is designed to be used with one hand only. The free hand can be used for better stability, increased safety and faster movement.

Guarantees clean hands and hull

Using GHOOK the mooring line won’t touch hull, deck, fenders or your hands. Transfering the mooring line with GHOOK is the cleanest transfer ever.

GHOOK from the side

Enables 3x faster mooring

GHOOK’s rotating wheel is designed to minimize the friction and provides the fastest possible transfer even of the most overgrown mooring lines.

Protects hands from injuries

GHOOK enables transfer of the mooring line without even touching it. Keep your hands clean and forget about cuts and scratches.

GHOOK with Rope Extension

49,95 € only

Special Offer



Set the GHOOK

Open GHOOK’s safety latch and place the mooring line on GHOOK’s rotating wheel.

GHOOK is ready to use

GHOOK’s safety latch will close automatically when you release it.


Pull GHOOK holding the ergonomic handle or rope extension.

GHOOK Everywhere

Take GHOOK always with you on your own or chartered vessel!


GHOOK with Rope Extension

49,95 € only

Special Offer


GHOOK Application

GHOOK by holding its handle

You can use GHOOK by holding directly its ergonomic handle. Using GHOOK without rope extension is suitable only for smaller vessels.

GHOOK with a rope extension

You can tie a rope extension to GHOOK to be able to transfer a mooring line under the gunwale and to avoid fenders.

GHOOK using a swivel at the bow

You can use GHOOK even when nobody can assist you. Just set a rope along the vessel through a swivel at the bow and tie it to GHOOK.

GHOOK Elements

  1. Resistant G-shaped frame

  2. 7 cm (2¾”) wide rotating wheel

  3. Stainless steel safety latch

  4. Ergonomic handle

  5. Opening for optional rope extension

GHOOK’s rotating wheel is suitable for mooring lines of any size and even for the most overgrown ones.

GHOOK’s safety latch prevents the mooring line from falling out of the GHOOK during its transfer.

GHOOK’s ergonomic handle provides the best possible grip that allows you to use it with one hand only.

GHOOK’s opening allows you to tie a rope extender to enhance GHOOK’s performance.

GHOOK with Rope Extension

49,95 € only

Special Offer



Mike John
RYA Yachtmaster Instructor
Sea Teach S.L.

Bringing the mooring line up to a cleat at the bow should be fast but still safe. That was hard to achieve even for experienced sailors, but with GHOOK also less experienced crew can handle it well.


Aleš Kobav
Online Nautical Magazine Editor

Ghook makes mooring line lifting a childishly simple and, in contrast to classic lifting and tying, clean task. Not to mention that the seashells attached to mooring line won’t cut your hands.

Capt. Đani Mohović
Assoc Prof at Faculty of Maritime Studies Rijeka & Boat Owner

Throughout my maritime professional career, I am working on increasing safety at sea. Using GHOOK your mooring manoeuvres will be much easier, faster and safer.

Ambrož Jakop
Professional skipper & Boat Master Licence Instructor

Ghook is precisely what we’ve been waiting for – an indispensable accessory with advantages that ordinary hooks don’t have. It can be used for mooring boats of any size.

The GHOOK Story

We are sailors who share the passion for different sea activities. This gave us enough experience and insight to what people really need when they are at sea. That’s how we came up with the idea of GHOOK. We have designed it to make your life at sea even more enjoyable.

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